Let us make you some custom-fit leather sandals!!
Tracing instructions below!!
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If you are ordering a pair of sandals, we need an outline of both your right and left foot on paper.  Please see these below instructions to obtain the best possible fitting sandal.


1  Have somebody trace your feet by standing with each foot on a separate piece of paper.  The paper needs to be large enough to allow additional space around each foot when you stand on it. 

2  Have someone draw an outline of both of your feet.  To get an accurate outline, your partner must kneel down in front of you to do the front of your foot and then gently kneel behind you to complete the outline of your heel area.  Make sure the pencil is held upright (at 90 degrees) and gently touching the foot as you follow the outline of the foot.  


The arch is drawn by pushing the pencil in (and under) towards the foot as far as it will go along the arch.


3  REALLY IMPORTANT:  Put a mark between your big toe and second toe. 


4  Measure your instep from inside to the outside of each foot.  Measure from floor to floor (not underneath your foot) and write it on the pattern in “inches”.  Please look at picture and notice where the measuring tape is placed when measuring your instep.  Certain style sandals require you to come to the shop for a strap fitting before the sandal is completed.  


5  Please make sure the dot between your big and second toe is on both tracings or we will not be able to make your sandals.  Also, make sure your shoe size and instep size are written on the tracing too.  

Complete your purchase and then email or mail your foot tracing.  Please do not take a picture of the tracing and email the  picture to me; the sandal tracing will not be in the proper scale to make your sandals. If you have a larger foot, your tracing may need to be on a larger piece of paper, so you won't be able to scan it.  Just simply mail it to me.     




Email:  laurie@40th-parallel.com


MAIL TO:  40th Parallel Leather Goods

98 Arundel Road, Arundel, ME   04046

(please email laurie@40th-parallel.com with any questions...we know you will love these sandals!!)

Adjustable Rambler Sandal

Socrates Sandal

Easy Rider

Adjustable Rambler Sandal

Easy Rider

Rambler Adjustable Sandal

Laurie's Old Shoe Finishing Machine

Socrates Sandal

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Leather bottom sole

Solid Brass Tacks

Cutting Straps

Wet Formed Arches


Please view our video on adjusting your new pair of sandals