Jamaican Adjustable Strap Custom Sandal

Jamaican Adjustable Strap Custom Sandal

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Let us make you some custom-fit leather sandals!! 

Male & Female classic leather sandals that promote optimal comfort and durability, with strap placement that doesn't confine movement.  Self adjusting strap that will fit the sandal as close to barefoot as possible; the design does all the work!


  • All Sandals have a handmade arch, are hand cobbled and are made based on your shoe size.
  • We use top quality vegetable tanned leather 
  • Colors:  upper left Black, upper right Buck Brown, lower left Russet, lower right Burgundy
  • Our sandals are custom-made based on your foot tracing and your shoe size
  • All sandals can be made in men's and women's sizes and are made to order.
  • Keep in Mind: Each pair is completely unique.


  • Without a tracing we cannot make your sandals. See below on how to do an easy foot tracing of both of your feet, scan and email to me.


  • Lead time is approx: 14 business days until they are done and ready to ship-they are made to order.


Handcrafted leather goods that are functional, durable, and timeless in design.
Made in USA
Made by Peter and Laurie in beautiful Arundel, Maine

***Important: Without a tracing, we can not make your order-please email me with any questions at laurie@40th-parallel.com


    The construction of the arch is created to be both flexible and spring-like in its support.
    This flexibility allows for the natural articulation of the arch when walking.
    The arch will provide comfortable support and will settle appropriately with wear.

    Upon Purchase:  Dip sandals in cold water and walk them dry, around 10 minutes. This will mold the leather sole and straps to your feet. Repeat 2-3 times, as necessary.  These sandals will only look better as they age!  

    If you do get them wet, let them dry gradually (out of any direct sunlight), and treat them lightly with a leather moisturizer.
    By using a traditional leather moisturizer on a regular basis, it will replenish the oil content of the leather.
    Just common sense leather attention will keep your sandals in good shape for many years to come.

    Our products are hand cut, hand punched, most are unlined to keep with a minimalist theme, and many have hand stitching incorporated in our designs. Our products are completely hand crafted from beginning to end, using many old tools and old machinery.


    Tracing instructions on our website: https://www.40th-parallel.com/leathersandals