Zipper Pouch

SKU: 1335

Great leather zipper pouch or bag to conveniently kep small items, makeup, art supplies, desk supplies, small electronics and cords, golf items, small accessories and travel items...the sky is the limit.  Great way to keep items organized if using a larger tote, satchel or bag too.


Sturdy, soft leather using two colors and a great colored zipper.

  • 8" high x 11" wide
  • Blue nylon zipper with pull
  • Unlined natural suede interior
  • Autumn brown leather leather on front
  • Caramel leather on back
  • Branded logo
  • Leather zipper pull


Handcrafted leather goods that are functional, durable, and timeless in design.
Made in USA
Made by Peter & Laurie in beautiful Arundel, Maine!


Our Mission/Promise

Our products are hand cut, hand punched, most are unlined to keep with a minimalist theme, and many have hand stitching incorporated in our designs.  All of our products are completely hand crafted from beginning to end, using many old/used tools and machinery.